Paradise Lost

We moved to the end of the parking lot here in Blaye to pick up a wifi signal when two cars with teenage boys drove up.  One boy got out of his car and three from the other car.  The three boys each gave the one boy a kiss on the cheek in a deferential way.  Then the one boy opened his trunk (it was facing us) and they all crowded around while he worked at something for at least 10 minutes.  Steve said it was probably a drug deal and not to watch.  But it wasn’t and I did watch.  The boy sold the other three an Uzi submachine gun.  I might add that the one boy had pulled in earlier with a companion.  They both jumped out of the car leaving the doors open and walked over by the little boats.  One was not speaking to the other and seemed distraught.  At the time I imagined he must have just gotten word that someone died.  Now I think he was getting cold feet and so just the one came back alone later to do the deal.
As soon as the two cars left I was regretting that I didn’t take a picture of the two cars, license plates, and the gun and passed it on to the police.  Maybe that is a bad idea……just don’t know.  Anyway, this town doesn’t seem so cute anymore and I want to leave.