Quiberon, France

No matter where we travel, our plan is to stay cool in the summer and so we are now in Brittany which is in northwest France.  Our first destination was the Quiberon peninsula where it was very hot but the sky and sea was such a bright blue that it didn’t matter. This was one of the prettiest areas we have seen on this trip and probably the most frustrating.  The peninsula is about a 1/2 mile wide and goes for several miles through resort  towns and fishing villages.  And even though there are parking lots galore in Quiberon and along the coast, all had height barriers and signs to keep out motor homes.  After some difficult driving we found that one Aire no longer existed and then had to drive straight through town and even make a switchback “V” turn in the center to get to the other Aire.  Then it had a machine where 6 Euro’s had to be paid but only by credit card.  The problem in Europe is that our credit/debit cards are not chip and pin so they don’t work in most machines.  We can only use our cards when there is a human being to take it.  Quiberon has a castle/chateau at the very tip end but we only had a quick glance and no time for a picture.  Actually we missed a lot in this area Sad smile


The architecture is very different in Brittany from that in the rest of France.  Most of the houses are white.

The little black specks in the water are surfers waiting for waves.
We then went to nearby Carnac for the night and got up very early this morning to see the 6,000 year old Carnac alignments – rows of megalithic standing stones – covering several fields in a line that go for over 2 miles.  There are about 3,000 menhirs (Breton for “long rock”) up to 20 feet high. 
And here’s the view from tonight’s overnight spot.  A cluster of gypsies has camped here (they now have trailers instead of horse drawn carriages) also.  Every motor home that pulls in here and sees them immediately leaves.  They are pretty noisy and their high pitched squeaky dogs barks constantly.  Otherwise, this spot would be packed with motor homes because there is plenty of space and wonderful views.  If these dogs don’t shut up soon we might have to go to a supermarket parking lot.