More Brittany

We drove out to Pointe Du Raz which might be the western most part of France.  It looks that way on the map but I’m not sure.  This part of Brittany is not crowded and it’s worth mentioning that Brittany has been very easy to drive in.  The roads are all very good and don’t lead us through every tiny village with microscopic streets.  Every since we left the Loire Valley, we’ve noticed that many of the towns are having all their streets, curbs, and sidewalks completely redone.
                                 Pointe Du Raz
This church is right above the cliffs shown on the previous picture.  The headlands are part of a coastal conservation program to protect the flora and fauna.  There are walking trails between this point and the nearby Pointe du Van and Baie des Trespassees.
These are just some scenes along the way to our next stop.  I don’t know much (actually nothing) about religion but Brittany has crucifixes everywhere.  Every grave has one and there are even statues in the country.

We are in a really great spot called Crozon-Morgat for three days of down time.  This is a small beach town with a strip of restaurants and ice cream shops. The Aires where we are staying is just 4 EU per day and is one block from the beach.   We didn’t expect to come across a location like this, so far north in France, with beautiful white sandy beaches and blue-blue water.  When we first arrived in Europe the sky was so flat and polluted looking but that didn’t last long.  We’ve actually had wonderful weather most of the time and very beautiful skies.