I’m Back!

This past month has been rather uneventful but now we are making preparations to leave after Christmas. Tulip will take us south but where we actually go nobody knows.  We have some rough and tentative ideas and will be prepared no matter where.  Steve got the oil changed yesterday and filled up with propane.  I have my packing lists and will start gathering everything to take out to Tulip.  It’s going to be a chore because we brought everything inside when we returned from traveling in August.

And what have we done this past month?  I ordered an Electrolux vacuum cleaner for Steve for Christmas because he just loves to vacuum.  He bought me a personal humidifier that plugs into my PC’s USB port but already gave it to me because I guessed my gift correctly.  I alphabetized all my spice bottles.  Bought my starving college student daughter’s Wii from her and now Steve is in the sunroom constantly snowboarding.  He is a very good snowboarder in real life but this is much less expensive.  I am doing the fitness routines on the Wii and it sure is fun. We tried to go on the raw food diet but that lasted just a week.  However, we are getting very close to being vegetarian.  I eat meat maybe once a week and Steve a bit more.


And big hooray, Steve now has health insurance through Colorado’s state high risk plan!  I believe this saves a full time job with health insurance benefits for someone else. Think about it. How many people are working just for the health insurance? If all those people had affordable insurance without being employed then more jobs would be available for others.  Okay, I won’t talk about health insurance anymore. (Unless we move to another country and I brag about how affordable it is there Smile )


  1. Hey Evelyn— welcome back! Can't wait to hear where you end up this winter, but it will be alot warmer and sunnier than Colorado I'm sure! Great news to hear that Steve got onto the health plan,,,woo hoo! Hope you both have a nice Christmas with family.


  2. It is thanks to you Lynne for opening my eyes that there might be a state high risk plan that Steve now has insurance. I can't wait to find out where we end up too. Are you going to the rally at Quartzsite? We have signed up just in case we don't go way further south. Merry Christmas to you and yours!


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