Sun Is Back Out

Colorado has had two snow storms in the past week.  Not much for us the first time but this last one was good.  Schools were closed and many places didn’t open yesterday so Steve was home.
                   This was taken yesterday from an upstairs window.

DSC_3358  The sky is always so blue after it snows.  The very bottom of the photo is the snow covered roof from part of the downstairs.
Wii Weigh-In:
Yesterday Day 7 = Lost (.6) for a total of 2 pounds even.
Today Day 8 =  Lost (.2) for a total of 2.2 pounds
Today I decided either my 3/4 cup of whole milk flavored with coffee (no sugar)or the piece of homemade flaxseed bread each morning had to go.  The milk goes and will be replaced by tea.  Following a diet of structured meals or calorie counting is out of the question for me so I will just be more careful.  Last night I had a salad, creamed spinach, brussel sprouts, and brie cheese.  Not good – not bad I think.

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