Going South Again

For a while, I thought my mother and I would drive to Arizona but her case of the Shingles is still quite painful and she can’t travel.  Then yesterday a friend called from Puerto Penasco in Mexico telling us about the 80 degree weather and how it is so nice. We started packing.  We should be able to get Tulip’s fiberglass repaired there from the mishaps in Europe last summer.  Also, I still need to see a dentist for my toothache. 

We will leave tomorrow morning before the next round of bad weather. 


  1. The Tracker we drove down from Denver and took to a mechanic turned out to have too many problems so we passed on that one. We won't be towing but since we are only going to Puerto Penasco, it's doubtful we would need one much. We'll be sure to have something for next winter when we go much farther south in Me-he-ko!


  2. The other one you were looking at may be available when yo get back. You should be fine in PP with no transportation. Lots of people go there for repairs so you will be able to find a fiberglass guy with no problem.


  3. Koekoek Evy and Steve,
    I was just looking your site…I am verry jalous. When can I come to Colorado?
    Best regards from Zeebrugge (Belgium)



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