Slow Going

It took us longer than usual to get to Arizona due to the wind.  It was so bad yesterday that we stopped in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico and parked for about 6 hours.  At times the whole sky was brown and even though we parked in a protected spot, Tulip was pelted with blowing sand. The time went fast though because we watched a show on the laptop while eating popcorn. 


At sunset the wind calmed down and we drove by the moonlight as far as Deming, New Mexico.  Their Wal-Mart parking lot was crowded with many other motor homes but it was nice and quiet and we slept so good.  And of course free is always good!


Would like to know what caused this truck to cave in the middle today. 

We are now in Tucson and have met up with Lynne ( who we will go out with tonight to eat good Mexican food.  Then we’ll drive into Mexico tomorrow even though just a few minutes ago I discovered that several colleges start their spring break tomorrow and many of the students also go to Puerto Penasco.  I could not have planned our timing any dumber if I had tried.

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