Laptop Charging Problem

Less than two months ago I bought a new laptop from Costco so that Steve and I would each have a PC.  Yesterday, this new laptop gave me an error message: “The battery cannot be identified and system will be unable to charge.”  The laptop was in fact not being charged and therefore had to be plugged in to be able to use it.  Terrible timing since I want to leave this week for Mexico!  I was sure that I’d have to send the PC to Dell for repair and wait for it to be returned. 
Costco has a concierge service for customers who buy electronics and so I started there and told the technician my problem. He thought it was a build up of static electricity and he was correct. The fix was so easy.  He had me remove the battery, unplug the adapter, and hold the power switch for 60 seconds which he timed.  Fixed! 

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