No Layoff

Steve still has a job, thank goodness, to help support my intention to disappear from this cold climate every winter.  That is, if we stay here.  We might sell our house in the spring and what happens after that remains to be seen.  Coincidentally, the real estate agent we had when we bought this house 6 years ago walked by outside this afternoon and said the market was going crazy here in town.  He listed a house a few doors away just last month and it already sold.  So maybe we wouldn’t take a big loss after all.

On the subject of supporting my travels, I have the Canadians to thank for funding about half of this upcoming trip.  In June of 2010, I broke my leg in a campground in Nova Scotia.  Six months ago out of the clear blue I received a letter from a Canadian insurance company saying they wanted to close the file on my case and did I have any claims.  I never knew there was a case and wrote back, rather offhandedly, that I wouldn’t mind if they paid my medical bills.  The agent wrote back and said sure, send copies of the bills.  I didn’t have any copies because I had thrown them all away but managed to get copies from where I had physical therapy and still had our credit card statement for the ER charge in Lunenburg.   The insurance company sent a check within a week after I emailed them the copies.  Nice!  


  Today I picked up my mom (on the left) at her house to spend the night here and we will leave in the morning.  She wanted Steve to go with us because I think she’s afraid of my driving the RV since I haven’t driven it in about 6 years.  But if she had been with us in Europe last year when Steve hit something every few weeks, I think she might change her mind.


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