A third RV was leaving Mazatlan yesterday morning and we followed each other to this area.   There are three different routes that can be taken for the final 80 miles or so. Two are via San Blas traveling flat rural roads through villages. Some RVers don’t like these two routes because there can be branches hanging over the roads. The third choice is the climb up to the city of Tepic and then back down on a winding and curving 2 lane road for quite a few miles.   Steve and I did the San Blas route 3 years ago and now I was able to see the other and compare.  It’s a hard choice as to preference.

The temperature dropped 10 degrees and the humidity fell considerably climbing to Tepic.  After Tepic there is a town called Xalisco with very narrow streets and a lot of traffic to negotiate but after that the scenery is some of the prettiest I’ve seen in Mexico.  Very hilly, almost mountainous, beautiful lush green, and wonderful views.  My mother said it reminded her of Austria.  I couldn’t enjoy much of it because this was where the road became curvy and with a lot of traffic.  After a while, the RV we were following noticed he had not seen Helmut for a while so we pulled over and waited and waited and waited.  Finally a motorcycle stopped and told us our friend had a flat tire about 1 mile back.  Not a good place for a flat because there is no shoulder on most Mexican roads so Helmut had to put up his triangles and stay on the road to change the tire.  A local stopped right away, as they always do, to help.

Now we are at our RV park in La Penita and is it ever gorgeous.  Since we will be mostly relaxing here for quite a while, I’ll have to post pictures piecemeal.  Here’s the first, of the pool, for just the Canadian owners of the park and the five RVs that are here.  There is room for one more RV.  Oh, and we have HUGE sites.  I could grow crops here.

The property is situated right next to the ocean.


  1. Hey! I'm so happy to read your blog and catch up on your adventures! Looks like a WONDERFUL place to spend the winter and I can't wait to see more of your gorgeous pictures. Thanks for sharing! (Tessa)


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