Is what we are doing other than laying by the pool looking at the ocean waves and palm trees swaying in the breeze.  What a life! My mom is loving it because her arthritis is so much better here and she can swim every day.  Her little apartment is so cute – I need to take a picture. 


It rained for about 24 hours on New Year’s Day when Steve arrived.  He had no problem getting a bus here, just had a hard time seeing out the fogged windows to know when to get off the bus.  There are usually taxi’s at the bus station but not that day so he walked.  It was a miracle that Steve found us because there are about seven turns to make along the way. 

He was sure a sight for sore eyes as I had some things for him to do. The same day he arrived I messed up the awning, somehow got the microwave loose from it’s cabinet, and dislocated my reading glasses lens from the frames after dropping them.  Then that night at 2:30 am the wind kicked up for the first time since we have been here and the awning shade came lose and knocked the chairs and table down and was banging terribly.  Steve went out in the rain and got that situation squared away. I absolutely would have not known what to do.  Guess I’ll keep Steve after all.


We went over to Rincon the day after he arrived because I realized that Tulip might not fit under the entry arch to the hotel and RV park.  The owner measured and it’s going to be close with about 4 inches extra clearance. 

I had to have this fruit salad again at a restaurant in Rincon.  This picture is from the first time with my mom.  This time with Steve, there were strawberries surrounding the plate perfectly spaced.  Steve had meat enchiladas at a different restaurant and paid for that with 3 days of stomach distress.  I have noticed that since I quit eating meat that I rarely have digestive system problems anymore.  We used to eat out at least twice a week and I was constantly sick with mild food poisoning so now I think it must be meat that probably was not very fresh.


Then Steve got a cold and was laid up for a few days.  Isn’t it strange how a person can have insomnia at night but fall asleep in the day time in not ideal conditions?  Yep, he’s snoring away here.

This has been a very long month staying in one spot.  We reserved a month in Rincon but now are thinking we may only stay a week.