Rincon Is Terrific


The improvement over where we stayed the past month is 100 times better and we are happy campers again.  There’s more to see and therefore we are walking a lot.

Today we walked to Los Ayala which is the the next town south of Rincon.  It’s up over a hill and about half way there gave us some nice views of the Jaltemba Bay and Rincon.  The weather has been very overcast for several days but today we saw patches of blue so hopefully it will continue to improve. 

Before we started on the trek I asked a tourist policeman if there was a path to Los Ayala and he said no, just the road and he didn’t recommend walking it.  Then right about here where I took this picture an old man who looked almost homeless with rotten teeth and a clear bag of more or less garbage on his back stopped me and said agua (I thought), which is water.  I carry a water bottle around my neck and took it off and pointed to the cup in his bag to pour him some.  But he just kept saying that word.  Another couple that was there said he was actually saying aguas which means be careful or be on the lookout.  I was standing close to a drop off so he was just warning me.  Now I know 10 words in Spanish and will never forget that one. 


The beach in Los Ayala has a more blackish sand but it is still very fine.  The tide was up and came into some of the outdoor restaurants. 


And there’s Tulip at the end.  We get such a nice breeze here and have been staying comfortable.  There are only five sites and we are the largest RV of all.  Two are Sprinter vans and another is a truck camper.  I would say that maybe a 30 foot RV could fit but that is pushing it.  We all have flowers and plants dividing each site and it’s a little paradise for sure.   The hotel, fully booked until March, has about 18 rooms and each one has a front and beach front entrance.

Our only problem is that we rarely have electricity because the power here is 134+ volts.  Several years ago Steve hardwired a surge protector into Tulip and it prevents anything over 132 volts from getting in.  The other RVers have portable surge protectors and just don’t use them.  However, that is a bit dangerous because it’s possible to fry the electrical system in the RV.  There’s an electrician staying in the hotel and he said that happened to him when he formerly traveled around Mexico in his RV.  In the evening when everyone is in their RV using power, the voltage drops now and then and our power comes on.  We do have solar panels and that is helping keep the batteries charged.  We just can’t use the microwave or hairdryer.


The park in Rincon.


There is more color in Rincon than I’ve seen anywhere in Mexico.  Over the Christmas holidays, the town and beach was very crowded with Mexicans on vacation.  Now they are all gone and mostly we just see gringo’s.  And there are now vacancy signs at some of the beach side hotels.