Checking In

Thought I had better write a bit before you all forget us.

I am very excited that we finally have a showing on our house Wednesday morning.  Our house is still for sale by owner but we are offering a commission to any buyer’s agent.  The showing will be by the agent that we bought the house from and so he knows this house and knows us and the neighborhood.  That is a plus.  We will see what happens.


It would be great if Steve could also take off for the beaches of Mexico this winter.  Right now he is on day 8 of working 12 days in a row – all 9 or 10 hour days too!  He relaxes every night by playing his guitar.

Now I need to clean clean clean.


  1. Good luck with the showing. Did you know that my Colin plays guitar? When here he just works but in Mexico he plays the guitar 8 hours a day. We have to get Steve to Mexico.


  2. Hopefully the house will sell and then Steve can strum 8 hours a day too. I do remember Colin going to the guitar festival in Culiacan last year and thinking how wonderful it would be for Steve. What type of music does Colin play? Steve plays mellow classical type music.


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