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The people that looked at our house last week still have not decided one way or the other and I’m no longer holding my breath.  I don’t know that I would want to deal with someone that slow and indecisive anyway through the long process until closing.  I will cancel the listing in the next couple of weeks because it’s getting too close to the time I leave for Mexico.  We’ll wait for spring and try again.  One of Steve’s many brothers lost his job in Kansas and will come out here and stay in our house until he gets a job and an apartment.  It will be nice for them to keep each other company. 

One more month and I can’t wait!  I had the cab side windows tinted darker last week and now just need to take the motor home in for servicing.  And I’m making a comprehensive grocery list because I want to try and not have meat, fish, dairy, oil, or sugar for all the months in Mexico.  That may be hard to do as I’ve not seen the huge variety of vegetables, grains, seeds,  and nuts that we have here.  We shall see. 

There has been quite a bit of news coverage lately about dog treats made in China causing dogs to die or get very ill.  I had bought a big expensive bag of duck/sweet potato treats at Costco and then noticed they were made in China.  Molly loved them but I worried too much that she would get sick so I threw them out.  Today I decided to make some dog treats and it was very easy.  There are many recipes on line and since I had some pumpkin I looked for one with that as an ingredient.  Molly likes these and she’s usually kind of picky.  Just 4 ingredients:  Pumpkin, whole wheat flour, eggs, and a bit of salt. Actually the recipe also called for dry milk powder but I didn’t have any and don’t think it mattered. 



Pretty soon the leaves will fall but my birds won’t fly south for the winter…….


because they are artificial!

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  1. Glad you are getting ready to travel. There not not many varieties of veggies to be had unless you hit a big mercardo. We are trying to educate our daily veggie guy to bring different things. Poco a poco.


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