Getting Into Higher Gear

There’s not been much to write about lately (unless you want to hear about all the foods I’ve been dehydrating) but now I’m picking up a little speed towards getting ready for the trip.  This morning I noticed that the peso exchange rate was pretty decent so I exchanged some money to get started with.  I normally like to buy all my peso’s in the ATM machines in Mexico for the best exchange rate but even Wells Fargo’s rate today was better than any I received last year. 


Then the last two weekends Steve and I worked on getting Tulip a little prettier looking.  The awning still had remnants of the tropics (bird doo-doo and jungle slime) so we scrubbed the top and the underneath and it looks nice again.  Unfortunately we just can’t get Tulip’s shine back from sitting in the sun too much.  I wonder if there is a way to renew the fiberglass finish.  We had some fiberglass repairs done in Puerto Penasco, Mexico two years ago and the finish was absolutely perfect so maybe they can do the whole RV?  Have to check on that. 


Tulip will get serviced this week and Molly Dog will get groomed.  My haircuts on her don’t last long and her hair needs to be a little shorter if I take her to Mexico with me – which I am pretty sure I will.  I still need to investigate what preventative medications she should be on and also dehydrate more dog treats.  I found that dehydrating her treats makes them hard like the dog biscuits from a store vs. the oven left them soft.

Oh and one other tidbit:  A couple from Arizona with a motor home like Lynne’s and mine will be joining us on the journey as far as Mazatlan.  We will be triplet Skinnie Winnie’s all in a row.

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