Oh Deer, Oh Dear


On my way to the hospital yesterday to see my brother, this deer was standing in the middle of the road and was not even spooked by my car sitting and waiting for her to move.  A buck was off to side.  It must have been a lover’s spat.

There have been a lot of “Oh Dear’s” the past few days.  Where do I start?  All this since Wednesday:

1) My brother Herb had triple bypass surgery last year and is having chest pains again and will have several tests this week to find out what is going on.  He is not taking care of his health and has gained 35 pounds since the surgery.  The problem is that neither he or my sister-in-law has a clue how to boil water and so they snack all day year after year.

2)  My 32 year old nephew went into the hospital with an infection in his dialysis port that won’t go away.

3)  Thursday:  I took Tulip in for servicing and got a call a few hours later that the front brakes were all but gone.  That was a big added expense but I am so glad they found this problem now and fixed it.

4)  Friday:  My other brother, Patrick, was admitted to the hospital with chest pains and yesterday morning two stents were put in.  One other artery that feeds 3 vessels is 50% blocked and the doctor told him he is probably facing bypass surgery later on unless they can get this blockage reversed.  Pat is not overweight but he smokes and eats a lot of meat.  All of this is not good.  My only other sibling, a sister, died of a heart attack at age 55.  And my brothers are younger than me.

5)  On the way home from the hospital yesterday there was a lot of wind which resulted in a downed fence in our backyard.  Steve propped it up for the time being with some long posts.

The good news  is that I am about done shopping for pantry food and other supplies to take to Mexico. All that’s left to purchase are the refrigerated items which will wait until next week.  Oh, and Molly looks absolutely adorable with her new haircut.  She is curled up sleeping right now so I’ll try and get a picture tomorrow.


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