Made It To Albuquerque

Actually I am west of the city at the route 66 travel plaza that has a casino with RV parking. So far there are two other RV’s here but Lynne may not arrive until in the morning.  She is in the Texas panhandle right now and it’s already 7 pm.

My drive was pretty good except for coming into and through Albuquerque with the sun directly in my face.  Also I believe the entire population of the city is on the interstate headed for Christmas shopping.  And yet another also was my GPS had me get off at an exit and follow a frontage road for 10 miles until it dead ended so I had to backtrack to the highway.  It turned out the correct exit was at least another 15 miles west.  The good side was that when I backtracked I didn’t have to look at the sun. 

And how did Mollie do on the drive?

PB290019She panted and stared at me (except when I try and take her picture) the entire way.

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