Life Is Good

The park’s internet has been iffy the past few days. Someone worked on it this morning and now I can’t get it at all.  I don’t have much data left on the Telcel internet that I bought and am not sure how to go about buying more.  I will ration pictures for now.

What have we been doing?

A few days ago Colin and Contessa had us over to see the sunset and enjoy a meal together.  They have been so helpful to Lynne and I.  The next day Contessa acted as tour guide, while Lynne drove, to see some of the island and show us where the grocery store and boat dock is and a few other places.


With this information Lynne and I took the panga into Mazatlan yesterday, first going to a Telcel store to get her SIM card working again.  It seems that in Guaymas it was set for 4G networks and this is 3G so that had to be changed.  After that we took a golf cart taxi to the center of town and had lunch at the Panama Café.  They have a wonderful bakery but I resisted…..this time. Then to the Mercado (market) where we bought some produce and Lynne bought a couple of sundresses.  Sundresses are so much more comfortable than pants in the heat.

And today we both got our RV’s washed by Ishmael, the park maintenance person.  He did an excellent job and our RV’s are no longer an embarrassment to the rest of the residents here.  Colin came over several times bearing food samples while we sat outside watching our rigs being washed using Colin’s long brush.


Various vendors come throughout the day.  While writing this the plant and flower man came and I bought a poinsettia for the patio.

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