Into The City With Bill and Bonnie-Part 2

From the Colonial District we walked through the Plaza Machedo where we sat for a bit outside the Angela Peralta Theatre.  This theatre, founded in 1874 was named in memory of one of the best operatic singers in the world at the time.  Angela Peralta died in 1883 of Yellow Fever.



Mazatlan is preparing for Carnaval the 1st of March and it is a shame that we will miss it.  There are huge statues in the Plaza and again along the Malecon.




Steve wants to eat at this outdoor café one more time, that we had gone to in 2010.

IMG_0050We left the plaza and stopped in a couple of shops.  This one was decorated so nicely that it was practically a museum in itself.  We walked across the pool with flower petals to see the back part of the shop.


Then it was on to the the main plaza in the city center where Steve and Bill bought ice cream.  I normally don’t care for ice cream but tasted Steve’s and it was very good.  The ice cream shop is on the corner by the plaza if you go there.


Bill counted 18 shoe shine stands around the plaza.


I counted one donut man. Although I didn’t make a purchase, the seller graciously posed for a picture.

IMG_0068We browsed the market for a bit and I bought a cool sundress two months too late.  The women who sell clothes in the market are real hustlers.  None of the other vendors are bothersome.


Steve, Bonnie, and Bill had not been on the rooftop of the Freeman Hotel so off we went in a pulmonia to enjoy the views.  The sunset put on a nicer show this time than my last visit there.  Looks like this photo could have used some straightening.  I fixed all these pictures but can’t find where I put them.  Up until now I’ve relied on my memory to know where my pictures are so it looks like my next big project is organizing a few thousand photos.



The sky was lit up on the east side too


It is a long way down


Back to the dock.  Note that Steve is carrying my purse – the true test of a good man!


It’s refreshingly cool taking the panga at night across the harbor but many Mexicans are bundled up for the ride.

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