April Fools Day

Two days ago I began backing up all of my pictures to Google Backup.  After a bit I went into Google Photos and the first picture displayed was of my cousin in Ohio.  I was positive that she had been alone in this photograph but now there was another man in it.  Who? What?!  Do I have a virus?


There were more and more pictures like this and then I noticed these pictures had been renamed with APRILFOOLS added to the original name.  A web search led to the discovery that Google was the culprit and had done something similar last year.  All day long yesterday additional pictures appeared with this man who I learned is David Hasselhoff, an actor. 

Here you go with just a sampling of pictures with David:


I think David likes Lauren because many of the pictures are with her. On the right is my niece.


Take a look at where the woman’s arm is holding up David.


The party pooper is not in costume next to me at a Fasching party in Germany.


David even went to Austria and horned himself in between my grandmother, cousin, and aunt. My great aunt Lilli is only slightly amused.


Here he is with my two brothers, me, and my cousin in Heidelberg. He’s perplexed at why we kids  dressed up so much back in the 50’s.  


Making fun of me shooting at targets in Heidelberg. Boy was he surprised when I won a stuffed toy for toddler Lauren who is sitting on the counter. 


Telling me that Steve needs some serious computer help.


Worried that Lauren is going to drop her new puppy.


So afraid that Lauren is going to fall into the creek if she takes one step back.


Trying to tell my niece that he is a better catch than her new hubby.


Watching a Denver Broncos football game with my brother Patrick.


Speechless at the beautiful Schonbrunn Castle in Vienna.


Sneaking up behind my niece and late sister Kathy.


Earlier in the day, only David was in this photo with Lauren.  Towards evening, his twin showed up. This obsession with her tells me that I had better get into “helicopter mom” mode.


He and his twin managed to sneak into Tulip to go camping with mom and are telling me and Steve to butt out.

Lauren_0013 (2)-APRILFOOLS

Lauuurrrren, don’t turn up that volume.

Lauren_0012 (2)-APRILFOOLS

Oh my gawd, this baby Lauren is sooooo cute I can hardly stand it


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