New Tenants Lined Up

The plan was to advertise our house for rent the beginning of July but a few days ago I was on Zillow and happened to see that they list rentals as well as houses for sale.  On a whim and to test the waters, I listed our house for $300 higher than what we rented it out for in late 2009 when we traveled for a while.  We had at least 25 inquiries in less than 24 hours!  One person even offered to pay $100 more a month and pay one year in advance but the catch was he needed it July 1st.  I knew there was a rental shortage in Colorado but did not realize how severe it was until a few of these people told me how long they had been looking and the competition for the few nicer houses that are available.  Not bragging but so many said our house was their dream house – I imagine because it is in downtown Manitou Springs and happens to be nice at the same time.

The couple we rented it to explained that because of the fires in the area the last two years, 1000 homes burned down and all of those people had to find rentals and many have not yet rebuilt. And now that the housing market has come back, many of the people who have rental houses are selling them.  That is the case for the couple renting ours.  They have to leave their rental house July 1st as it is being sold.  Once again I think we have found good tenants. They are a couple in their early 60’s who seem quite nice and are thrilled out of their minds to have our house to rent.  They have been waiting for the prices to increase in order to sell their house on the coast in California which will probably occur about the time we would want to move back in.

We also sold Tulip’s cargo carrier and will miss it. It’s been great for Mexico especially because that is where we store a large patio mat and awning shade.  But since we will now tow most of the time, the carrier would just take up space in a storage unit.

Now that everything is sold that we wanted to sell and the house lease is taken care of we can get on with the fun stuff like packing and more trip planning.  And of course Steve’s maintenance list keeps growing instead of getting shorter but that’s how it is with a house……….or an RV for that matter.

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