A New Laptop

My old laptop has been giving me fits ever since I bought it as a refurbished unit a few years ago and I was afraid it would not last through our big trip.  Steve’s laptop is too big to take and he and my daughter have been after me for some time to buy a Mac and so that’s what I did.  But now I barely have time to learn it and also to try and figure out a trial version of MarsEdit which is an offline blogging editor for Apple computers.  Windows Live Writer doesn’t work on a Mac and I am sure going to miss it.  This MarsEdit software is very foreign to me and I have already written one post and hit a wrong button that put it on a screen where I can’t publish or do anything else with it.

Now I will try to insert a picture and see how that goes:

P1000030The reason I have inserted this strange picture is to show off the low light capability of my new compact camera.  It is a Panasonic DMC LX7 with a 1.4 Leica lens. This was taken at night with just two lights on and no flash. My big Nikon can’t even take this good of a picture in low light.  I bought the compact with the intention of not having to lug my bigger camera and all the lenses around the South Pacific, Australia, and New Zealand.  But I might anyway 🙂

Steve’s brother is helping to move our furniture into storage the end of next week and then we will have a week to do what is left and clean before we start traveling southwest in Tulip.


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