On The Move

This was a difficult week between moving the remainder of our things out of the house and into storage, the deep cleaning, yard work, getting the ice maker repaired, carpets cleaned, and last minute purchases.

On top of it all, Molly took a direct hit in the face from a skunk three nights ago. My brother did the first bath with tomato juice while I hid in a bedroom with the air conditioning on full blast trying to avoid the worst of the smell. The next day I bathed Molly with a mixture of peroxide, baking soda, and dish liquid.  That helped quite a bit until yesterday when she was rained on and now we are all together in this little RV.

We hooked up the Tracker to Tulip yesterday morning and left for Ouray which is in southwestern Colorado.  This area is known as  Little Switzerland because of the high jagged mountains.  We are camped above the town in a national forest campground. 

Here you go with a few pictures taken from the road yesterday:

P1000162This is Cheyenne Mountain in southern Colorado Springs. You may have heard of NORAD (North American Air Defense Command) which is located inside this mountain.  


Steve wants to look his age and so he is trying to grow a goatee. 


The route we took went through Brown’s Canyon where there are many rafters on the river.  It has rained so much this year that the waters are running high and swift and as a result many rafters have been killed.

Ouray 9

This range of mountains in central Colorado is called the Collegiate Peaks as they have names such as Mt. Princeton, Mt. Harvard etc.

Ouray 11

The largest reservoir in the state, Blue Mesa, is recovering nicely with all the rain now after having several years of drought.  The lakes in Colorado are now at 82% capacity and since no one had to water lawns this year the utility company in Colorado Springs is asking for a rate hike to make up for the lost revenue.  There is no way to save money on utilities in this state.  Use less and they charge more.  

Ouray 12

Blue Mesa was my father’s favorite fishing lake


The little town of Ouray lies inside the “V” ahead.  We’ll be here a few days before going further south and had best enjoy the cool weather while we can because it will be HOT in Arizona.

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