Our Hotel In Sydney

I forgot to tell you where we are staying.  This time we are at the Metro Hotel Central which is about 4 blocks south of The York where we stayed last month.  Once again we have a good deal because of befriending someone who is a good friend of one of the managers.  We received a nice discount, a top floor supreme room, plus free  internet.  Most of the hotels in the central business district charge about $12 a day for internet and this hotel would have been $15.  We have a modern room with a refrigerator and huge picture window with great views.

Metro 1As you can see from the views on the roof we are still among the tall buildings. This hotel is on Pitt Street and is in the area of great shopping and many affordable restaurants. We are also two blocks from Chinatown.

MarketCity 1

We have a view from our window of Market City aka Hay Market, another interesting shopping building.  The bottom floor reminds me of the big market in Mazatlan, Mexico with stalls of cheap goods and huge areas of produce and meats. This is the place to buy food if you happen to be staying in a self contained apartment in the area because the food prices are the first reasonable ones I have seen.  The fourth floor has an oriental food court and we got a great dinner tonight for $8.90AU that included 4 items plus soup.

And today, our last day in Sydney, was the first day of truly warm weather since arriving in Australia.