Hawaii – Day Two – Downtown Honolulu

After we returned from our Oahu tour and had some lunch, Alison and I walked to the Iolani Palace and were then planning to catch a taxi to Waikiki Beach afterwards.  One block before the palace there was a Christmas display with Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus Hawaiian style.

HonoluluChristmas 24

There were many more displays on this street and a security guard told us that the lights would be on at dark so we left for the palace to come back later.

HonoluluChristmas 25

Queen Iolani Palace. We were not able to tour the inside as it closes at 5 but the grounds were open.

HonoluluChristmas 28

Without searching for it, we saw the capital for the state of Hawaii when we walked around the back of the palace. The building is different from most capitals in the US in that it is much newer since Hawaii was made the 50th state in 1959.  The downstairs is open from front to back and the offices are on the sides and around the second floor.

HonoluluChristmas 30

After wandering a bit more we headed back to the Christmas displays on King Street and there we stayed oohing and ahhing for a couple of hours.

HonoluluChristmas 29City Hall has a big open area on the bottom floor that was filled with themed Christmas trees and displays. Santa was there too with children on his lap making their wishes.

HonoluluChristmas 35HonoluluChristmas 36My pictures were not clear enough to show you all the pretty trees but this one was decorated with tropical flowers

HonoluluChristmas 31HonoluluChristmas 32Trolleys drove by regularly for the passengers to view the lights and displays. I don’t know if these were special or just normal Honolulu transportation.

HonoluluChristmas 33

HonoluluChristmas 34P1020774P1020779P1020794Alison and I went across the street to listen to the carolers and look at this church.

P1020795We were standing outside the gate when a lady came and grabbed Alison’s arm and pulled her closer to the church.

P1020796She brought Alison to this lady who then said a prayer over us called the Queen’s Blessing. We both would have liked a few days in beautiful Honolulu before moving on to the other islands.