Hawaii – Day Three – Kauai

Kauai, known as the Garden Island, is lush and green. Because of this we booked the longest and most expensive shore excursion here but ended up being disappointed. The tour was by 12 passenger van but 50% of the passengers were in the obese times 3 group and so the other 50% were pretty squished.  There were sudden hard rains and wind that came at us sideways. The tour guide was bored. He took us to the scheduled places but still had too much time to fill and so he wandered here and there.  I was happy when it was over.

Kauai 2

 We drove 1/2 an hour to stop at this waterfall overlook.

Kauai 1The Wailu River is the largest river in Hawaii 

Kauai 5Several van loads of us got on a boat like this one for a trip to Wailu River State Park Fern Grotto

Kauai 4Kauai 3The river is very busy with rowers, kayaks, and fishermen.

Kauai 6We were entertained at the fern grotto

Kauai 7The fern grotto was a high rock wall dripping with water and this fern like growth coming out of the rock

Kauai 8I don’t think the ocean views were as pretty as those on Oahu or maybe it was the ugly day that made it seem that way.

Kauai 10Alison 

A lunch was included in this $150 each tour so our guide took us to a beach and we all got under a small covered picnic table out of the rain and had a skimpy sandwich on a hot dog bun. For $150 I would think we could have had a better type of bread.  Chips, a cookie, and a beverage were included. 

20141213 171828 1

The prettiest place we went to I didn’t even get the name of. It was a tiny beach town on a curving bay. It reminded me of a beach town in Mexico that we hope to spend some time in this winter.