Countdown – 51 Days To Freedom

Cannot wait and nor can Steve who has roughly 20 workdays left going to a job he hates like no other. He likes all the people and managers he works with but the job itself is awful.  His job entails suiting up several times a day to work in a clean room with some very nasty and dangerous chemicals. On top of that his days are 12 hours long. It’s jut too much, especially when he is making not much more than Walmart wages while the top guys rake it in. But that is work life in the USA the past 15-20 years.

Steve is one of those people you read about that makes 2/3 less than what he made 15 years ago due to downsizing, outsourcing, the owner of his company buying a basketball team, etc. Thank goodness he CAN quit. I feel so sorry for all the poor workers that are trapped in these low paying, soul sucking jobs. All I can say is save, save, save. And don’t spend, spend, spend.

Much has been accomplished this past week towards freedom day. Within 24 hours we sold a massive three piece desk and also my sewing cabinet that I had tried many times before to get rid of. The contents of those two are sorted and packed into the “keep” and “sell” piles.  Steve has organized the garage into the same two categories with the vast majority ready for a garage sale. Other than a bedroom set, every large piece of furniture will have a home, thanks to my family.

Our spare time has been spent perusing the motorhome ads. What a dilemma that is! I go back and forth, back and forth.  My ideal motorhome would be a 30 foot diesel in order to camp wherever we want.  However, every time I think I have found one that would work, the reviews are negative on top of the fact there are not many in that category to begin with.

We want a quality brand and that leaves many out of the running. It looks like we will have to go with a longer length, but no more than 34 feet.  We made a list of  wants such as pantry, low mileage, a window on each side of the bed, washing machine, larger than average kitchen, a non-booth dinette, and year 2005 through 2007 because of the requirement for non Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel fuel in order to travel in Mexico. That leaves zero in the entire country! Okay, so we delete washing machine and there are two to choose from. We delete wanting a bigger kitchen and there is one that meets all the other criteria. The three we have targeted are as far from us as possible, either in Florida or Washington State.

And that leaves another dilemma: Trade in Tulip or sell her ourselves?  Steve is leaning towards keeping her AND having a bigger motorhome but I can’t see that unless we are committed to shipping  Tulip to Europe for summer travel but Steve says he will never, ever drive in Europe again. After no less than five fender benders over there the last time, I would agree.

I forgot. In addition to getting rid of the bedroom set, there is also this bookcase to sell.Bookcase-1






  1. Phew > Your description of those 12 hour days sends shivers though me. I did 12’s in the UK and they destroy you utterly. In the end yes, escape is the only way forward and yes, its a sad old world when you think about how many people dont have a choice. But yeyyyy, I love your master plan and envy you big time re the camper van. I’ve always wanted one. It must me so exciting. Cant wait to see what you buy (photos hint hint hint)


    • Working twelve hour days should be against the law. On top of that, he is on his feet the entire time. I feel like telling him to quit tomorrow.

      For sure Andy, I will post pictures of the camper. Do you see campers or campgrounds in China? That would be a wonderful way to see the country.

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      • 20 Days and counting > What’s the exact day he’s leaving? I can add it to my calendar ha ha > Do you have a D-Day counter on your mobile phone? There are only a few camper vans in China and they are super expensive. Most vehicles are three times the price of anything in Western countries. People treat their car like a status symbol over here.


      • As it stands now, March 28th is his last day. I had not thought looking for a counter for my phone. Good idea!

        There are so many manufacturers of camper vans in the US that maybe they should start exporting to China. After all, most everything here is made in China these days.

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    • Hi Andy! Too exhausted right now to even count my fingers. I hope to write an update soon. Tomorrow we leave on a marathon trip to another state to buy a motorhome. I’m taking your book with me to read on the long drive. Best to you too! Evelyn

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      • Oh wow > How exciting. Actually getting more and more jealous of you ha ha. However, it’s inspiring me to add something extra to my second book. Safe Journeys to you both


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