Colorful St. John’s

We actually left St. John’s this morning, but not early enough to escape the high winds.  That first hundred miles out of St. John’s was no fun with strong wind, periodic really strong gusts, rain, fog, and everyone going over the speed limit.  We made it to Gander where it looks like many RV’s are sitting out the fairly hard rain. 

I keep going to the ferry website trying to get an earlier departure.  Almost had one snagged for Sunday but it didn’t have room for the RV, only a car.  Did move our departure up by 14 hours and to a much better ferry, the Atlantic Vision. 

St. John’s is very colorful, with even the newer modern buildings standing out.  There is construction everywhere.  St. John’s definitely doesn’t look like the rest of Newfoundland.  Other than the downtown,  the city looked very much like a western US city, with open spaces, 4 lane boulevards,  suburbs, and several big newish shopping centers.  We didn’t see all that we wanted to but I think we are touristed out for a while. (Maybe 3 days).

IMG_5231Cape Spear lighthouse – about 15 miles from St. John’s

IMG_5242The large red roofed building is The Rooms museum.

IMG_5296 Throughout town, no two houses next to each other have the same color and there’s always a wide trim around windows painted in a light color