The last few days have been rainy and cold.  We were in the pretty Eifel forest region of Germany which is not very populated considering it’s so close to many of Germany’s  industrial cities.  Today we are in Kleve, just across the border from Holland, relaxing for a few days in a nice park that is inexpensive and has free internet.  I haven’t taken any pictures lately so I’m posting some random ones taken on this trip.
We are again shipping the motorhome from Belgium and hoping for the best.  However, we are shipping Tulip to Halifax because we have been told that is usually safer as far as theft.  Also, if we ship to the U.S. everything has to be out of the motor home and shipped separately.  We are allowed to have items related to camping remain in the motor home when going to Canada. Most everything of value was already stolen so we have less to worry about this time and less to hide.  I’ll write more about that when Tulip is back in the U.S. And if someone wants to steal the cheap plastic dishes we bought in Germany they are welcome to them.  We will fly to Colorado and start moving into our house immediately as our renters will already be out.  Then Steve (and hopefully my brother) will fly to Halifax to drive Tulip back to Colorado. 

This farmer and horse statue are alive with ground cover.


Is this what dry docked means?

The dumpster at this Aires in France was full so look what the overflow is.
The small print on this car says “Medical Face Remodeling”.  I can’t really figure out if it’s an advertisement for cosmetic surgery or what.

Take A Hike

Take a hike with us!  The past few days we have been wandering the area near Garmisch and we also drove part of the Alpine Road.  We stayed by a lake one night and a river the other.  It rained all day yesterday and last night but we noticed that does not stop the Germans from taking their walks.  It really feels pretty good to walk in the rain and is sure nice to sleep to.

DSC_1678  The office was closed for a two hour lunch at  this camping place near Krun so during that time we walked a gravel track that took us closer to the mountains.  By the time we finished we decided to move on and see more of the area. 

  The clouds in front of the mountains were coming and going.



No way does this photo come close to showing how majestic this  mountain appears. You have to go there!



 Cowbells could be heard near this fence.




The herd came running towards us making a symphony with their bells.  They are so cute!




 You can’t tell by these pictures but the meadows are full of yellow and purple wildflowers. 




  And now we are walking back to Tulip.

I mentioned in my last post that we wanted to leave for Italy but after seeing the doctor Thursday (who sent me straight from his office to a specialist) we can’t leave until another appointment on Monday. The specialist says I have pleurisy in my left lung and also pericarditis, both of which were probably caused by a virus.  I don’t have a serious case of either one and in fact am feeling a lot better today.  I was able to walk quite a ways uphill for a change.

Here We Are

Thought you might like to see some pictures of the Stellplatz in Garmisch.  We are looking forward to driving over the  Brenner Pass into Italy, which is not far away, but severe rain storms are supposed to start later today. 


  It’s fun looking at all the different kinds of motor homes here.

All of these motor homes are here in the Garmisch Stellplatz and as you can see Europeans have some large RV’s too.

This is a real overland type motor home.  Wonder where these people have been or are going?



Yesterday when I went into the office the manager of this ski lift area commented on how nice Tulip is and asked if we wanted to sell her.  I called his bluff and said yes and how much do you want to pay?  He backed off but I think if someone seriously offered us a good price, I’d be all for it right now.  Heading to the doctor (again) now and if I ever get well I know I will feel different.

In The Mountains

Just a quick post to tell everyone thank you for your words of condolence.  And Lynne, coincidentally we do happen to be almost on a mountain top.  Here’s the view overlooking Garmisch from our Stellplatz at the ski lift area:
We drove part of the Romantic Road the last few days and couldn’t believe how many beautiful structures were sitting on hilltops almost everywhere we looked.  Really, we could spend months in just one small area because there is just so much!



The charming town of Nordlingen has a wall all around it and the Stellplatz across the street from the walled entrance to town was free.


There are colorful pig statues all over Nordlingen. Legend has it that in 1440 a woman went to get her husband a jug of beer. When she passed by one of the gates she noticed a pig that had lost its way.  Rubbing its hind-quarters against the wooden gate, the pig revealed to the woman that the gate had not been locked properly.  It turned out the guards had not locked the gate properly and they later confessed they had accepted a bribe from Count Hans of Oettingen to leave the gate open.  The Count had plotted to take the town in the night.  Nobody know for sure if the story is true but records show that in 1440 two gate guards were charged with treason and executed.