Cave of the Winds

Tessa and Lia went back to Texas and Steve has a better job working full time.  While Tessa was here we went to the Cave of the Winds which is near our house.  This  cave  has narrow passages and various little rooms and over 200 stairs to climb up and down.  I had never been there and always wondered if it was somehow windy in the caves which doesn’t make sense.  No, but it’s very windy outside.





It’s not necessary to buy a ticket and go into the caves to see the views from outside.  This is Manitou Springs own mini Grand Canyon which is called Williams Canyon.  It has a 6 mile round trip hike that begins at the end of Canon Avenue in Manitou Springs.  There is also a waterfall and pool in the canyon.


Just left of the center in this picture is a bridge with Manitou Springs just beyond it.  The hike begins where the bridge is.

And what is Steve’s new job?

He works in the clean room of a semi-conductor manufacturer wearing an outfit like these people.  He either puts on or takes off the white suit 8 times in one day, therefore his breaks are 30 minutes long and lunch is an hour.  At this point in time, Steve thinks this is the best job he has ever had and he wants to stay with it until he is old enough to retire. What’s nice is that he works three very long days and has four off one week (then the following week he works four days with three off) which means we can still do little trips in Colorado.