Homeward Bound

The last few days have been busy ones getting Tulip ready and packed. Steve cleaned the outside of Tulip because if she arrives dirty in Halifax we will be charged $300.  I don’t want to jinx ourselves but unless someone literally tears Tulip apart, nothing should be missing. I’ll explain that after we have picked her up. And Steve removed the spare tire and roof vent because that lessened the dimensions and saved us 200 EU. He chained the bike, tire, and new chairs to the toilet.  It’s odd but we got very attached to our six day home in Zeebrugge.  Normally, after two days somewhere we can’t wait to leave but this little spot was so cozy and we loved watching the ships, the cranes, the people…………everything really. 
It turned out to be very emotional leaving Zeebrugge this morning because we made some good friends in several countries and it’s hard to think we may never see them again.  But I plan to entice them all to visit us in Manitou Springs by attempting to do a post of our town that will be irresistible.
We dropped off Tulip at 10 am today and thanks to some fantastic new friends, John Luc (Belgian) and Therese (French), all went smoothly.  They have a big American Class A motorhome and were parked across from us the past  6 days in Zeebrugge.  John Luc works for one of the shipping companies and volunteered (actually he insisted) on accompanying us to Wallenius Lines where he marched right in ahead of everyone in line and got someone to help us get processed.  Then he and Therese took us to the train station in Blankenberg, about 5 miles away.   John Luc knew to ask for a promotion fare that was 1/3 what we paid in April!  He and Therese stayed on the train platform until we pulled out. I have to say that more than one person was shedding tears.

Steve gave John Luc several cans of flammable type items that we weren’t allowed to have in the motor home.  I wanted to do a trade for their cute dog, Sheba, but it didn’t work.  However, John Luc and Therese treated us to a little going away celebration last evening with wine and other goodies. 
This isn’t a very appealing picture but it’s where we are right now. This is the view from our room right across the street from the airport. The Sheraton is the only hotel near the airport, otherwise we would have to take a taxi from somewhere else.