We Are Home

I’m a little slow to post this but my PC had been acting up, making doing much of anything frustrating.  It’s working good again now.  Anyway, we had a good drive back and especially enjoyed the first day of driving because there was a big storm front that we drove in and out of all day.




This trip we took a shortcut and got off the interstate highway in Santa Fe, NM.  The route took us through Taos and San Luis and then we picked up I-25 in Walsenburg.   It’s 35 miles shorter, much less traffic, good roads, and better scenery.  And going over LaVeta Pass is just as easy if not easier than Raton Pass.  Although we didn’t stop, the other bonus is the Indian reservation right after Santa Fe has about 8 casino’s where some advertised overnight parking. The better one looked to be in Espanola.   Fuel is also about 20 cents less a gallon at the Indian stations.


We were anxious to get home so didn’t stop in Taos.  I had been there before but now realize I didn’t see the actual old downtown so we will definitely go back. It’s an easy drive from here and when the weather is warmer we can explore more.


This shot, taken from quite a distance as we were driving through town, is of a church way up on a hill overlooking San Luis, which is the oldest town in Colorado.


Almost at the top of La Veta Pass.  There might have been 3 gentle curves on the ascent and descent if that.


Almost home – just two miles to go.