About Us

We are the Wanderlets, Evelyn and Steve from Manitou Springs, Colorado, who escape working and our house for months or even years at a time to wander.   Evelyn is a former government payroll division chief who worked in Europe for many years.  Steve had a long career printing on large format presses.   We met each other late in 1994 when Steve rented my condo while he had a house built nearby.   Our second date was a 200-mile trip to go skiing and since then we have never stopped traveling and exploring.


We married in 1999, and in 2004 added Molly Dog, a seven-week-old Cairn Terrier to our little traveling family.  She doesn’t like being photographed and either turns away or closes her eyes.

DSC_4047 -1

Our first big trip began in November 2009 when we traveled in our motor home named Tulip for two years. After a short trip to the US west coast, we went to Mexico for several months of touring.

Our next big adventure was to Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland in the summer of 2010 before visiting parts of New England and the east coast. We then spent part of our winter in Arizona and southern Texas while making plans to take our motor home to Europe.

March 2011 came and we shipped Tulip from Florida to Belgium and at the same time, we took a repositioning cruise that ended in Barcelona with some great ports of call along the way.  We had planned to travel around Europe for 18 months but an accumulation of negative events caused us to move back to Colorado after just 5 months.

We returned to our Colorado home in August of 2011 but took a couple of quick trips south that winter to Puerto Penasco, Mexico and to Yuma.

I, Evelyn, drove my mother to the Rivera Nayarit of Mexico in the motor home December 2012 and Steve flew down in January when he was laid off from his job. We came back to Colorado late February 2013 via Zion National Park and Steve began the job hunt all over again.

December 2013 I took off again in the motor home for Mexico and stayed two months in an RV park on the beach in Mazatlan.  Steve joined me for three weeks vacation mid-February and we drove the scenic brand new Mazatlan-Durango highway on our way home via Zacatecas and Texas.

The end of August 2014 our house was rented out and were off once more; this time to places I had never been: Several South Pacific islands, Australia, and New Zealand.  Two weeks after we returned to the USA from New Zealand we went on a cruise to Hawaii.

January 2015 found us on the west coast of Mexico staying in various RV parks keeping warm for a few months.  A bit tired of traveling, we returned to Colorado late March and planned to stay at my mothers’ house until our renter’s lease would end in August. However, three weeks later we had the travel itch and took off for Oregon in Tulip where we camped along the Columbia River, in a vineyard near Salem, and finally along the coast for a month.

We returned to our house in Colorado August 2015, enthused to set up housekeeping again.  With the arrival of the November cold, our enthusiasm went out the window.  Steve and I have decided once and for all we no longer want to ever spend another winter in a cold climate and most of all Steve no longer wants to work to pay for all that goes along with home ownership.  The house is for sale and adventure is back on the horizon!

April 2016 and the house is sold ( by owner) and we have flown the coop!

From April to October 2016 we went to Kansas and Missouri for a brief period and after that to Wyoming, Washington state, and Oregon for several glorious months.  We have visited the Pacific Northwest too many times to count because we like the area so much.

October 2016 we drove to Yuma in order to store the RV and park little Molly at a friends house in order to take a 31 day cruise to South America beginning in early November.  Unfortunately, I became quite ill about half way through the cruise and did not get past Cape Horn with my posts.  It took over a month to recover and by that time, I thought it best to hang up our traveling hats.

January 2017 we left for Mazatlan, Mexico where we intended to look at properties to purchase but during a planned short stay in San Carlos in Sonora, fate interceded and we bought a house here and that’s where we have been ever since.

Note about this blog:  I started this on Blogger in 2009.  Later in 2011 I quit the blog and deleted it which was a mistake because when I retrieved the archived copy, the images had been greatly reduced in quality.  Also, I changed the theme and went to a white font.  In July 2014 I migrated the blog over to WordPress just for a change and a challenge. Now that I have a white background some of the text in the old posts is invisible which is slowly being corrected.


  1. Is this the only way to comment on your blog? Would be nice to let you and others that read what you post that I appreciate your comments and especially your pictures


    • You can comment on the individual posts. Look at the little circle under the date on the left of the post. Click that to comment. I very much appreciate your thoughtfulness because we bloggers do like to receive feedback on how we are doing.


  2. I enjoy following your blog. I’m curious what made you change over to WordPress? I’m considering making the same change and would be interested to here how it went for you, how long it took. Thanks for your feedback


  3. lovely blog and pictures! Is that the same camera you use for picture as the one in picture above?
    BTW, having experienced on both blogger and wordpress platforms, WP is miles ahead…and superior too! It’s a richer experience!


  4. You are so right about WP. I like that there is so much to learn to keep being challenged. The picture above, taken into a mirror, is a Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX7 purchased summer of 2014. Since that time, I would say half my pictures were taken with that camera. It’s great for indoor shots without using a flash.

    My other camera is a Nikon D5000 purchased about spring 2010. All other pictures taken since then were with it, including the header image taken on top of Independence Pass in Colorado.

    Thanks for asking!


  5. This so inspires me to get on the road! We are doing the gathering and selling everything phase right now with hopes of making the official plunge in November. Time seems suspended on one hand and flying by on the other. Reading this just makes me want to go NOW. Thanks for sharing your travels. Dawn


    • Like you, we are so inspired that mountains have been moved just since Thursday (today is Sunday) when the contract to sell our house was finalized. I am so excited for you and believe me, the time will go fast now that you will be busy busy busy until November.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Evelyn and Steve, very nice to meet and learn more about you – such wonderful travels. Thank you for following my blog, I will certainly take time to visit yours as well. I hope your day is a happy one. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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