Blogging University


It is a cold and snowy day, perfect for sitting in front of the fireplace to catch up on blog reading.

Recently while looking for some blog help I discovered Blogging University on the WordPress site and that there would soon be a Blogging 101 course. Although I have been blogging for several years there is always more to be learned so I enrolled.  For instance,

I have never gotten into the habit of using tags but learned how helpful this can be in two instances:

  1. I like reading other blogs related to travel and photography but have a difficult time finding them. When I do find a blog that I like, I follow it in the WordPress Reader. What I didn’t know is that I can search for blogs by entering a tag and then all the most recent blogposts about that subject will appear in the Reader.  For example, I am interested in reading about Austria and now that is in my list of tags on the Reader. I set another up called Manitou Springs but unfortunately there are few postings with that tag.
  2. With the discovery that I couldn’t find much written about Manitou Springs I realized that I have several blogposts on that topic but with no tags. If I had tagged my posts people could read more about Manitou Springs and also see pictures of one of the the most beautiful little towns in America.

Now I have a new project for our next snow day. I will begin going back through my 500+ blogposts to add tags.  This course has been well worth it already and it’s not over yet.

Now don’t forget to tag your posts so I can find you!