Winter is not my favorite time. The good news is this will be our final winter spent in the cold.

Our house is for sale. For the time being, we are attempting to sell it ourselves. There hasn’t been too much activity other than realtors wanting to list it. The funny thing is that the only two people that looked at our house really wanted it but both had bad knees and eventually decided they needed something without stairs. We are hopeful that when the house buying season begins in the spring there will be more interest.

The straw that broke the camel’s back in making the decision to sell was two increases in our property tax (much higher appraisal + a mill levy increase) and having our house insurance cancelled for the fourth time.

The first time the insurance was cancelled was because company P doesn’t issue landlord policies which we needed when we left for a year in 2014 and rented our house out. We then obtained insurance through company A and they cancelled us two months later because their company decided not to write policies in this area so close to the mountains any longer. Third company P, lasted one year and they made the decision to get out of the home insurance business. Then in November we obtained company T who sent someone out to look at our house after the policy was issued. They cancelled us because of the for sale sign out front as they don’t insure houses that are for sale. We have until the 18th to find new insurance and there are not too many companies left that will even write policies in this area.

On the good news side, only 3 weeks and I will be warm again. For 11 whole days. My daughter and I are going on a Caribbean cruise! Although not free like the South Pacific and Hawaii cruises in 2014, Carnival sent an offer for less than 1/2 the normal price.


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