Some Pictures

I had my one week follow up yesterday after the Mohs surgery and thought my stitches and bandaging would be removed so that I could go back out into the world. However, the stitches are the dissolving kind and after checking and cleaning the wound, several layers of sinus smashing bandages were put back on for another week.  That is the routine with a graft as there has to be pressure on it for two weeks.  After reading every medical study on the internet that I could find and fretting about it all week I did get assurance from the doctor that I didn’t have any of the risk factors for the cancer to metastasize.  All this over a spot so small that you would have had to search and search my face to find it.
I meant to post these pictures on Sunday that I called decrepit to match my mood that day.  Someone left our gate open and Molly got out.  An angel lady picked her up and drove around Manitou for over an hour until Steve spotted her with Molly looking out the window.  The lady and her husband own a local coffee shop and we will have to go there often and drink a lot of coffee as just a tiny repayment for keeping Molly safe.
When we walk to a certain part of town we often just go behind the avenue to avoid the crowds on the sidewalk and to give Molly a chance to do her thing first.  The backs of the buildings are sure a contradiction from the decorated fronts but actually more interesting in a way.

Many of the shops have metal siding in the back.  I wonder what is being drained into the creek from those outlets hanging out of a window. The next picture is this same one but enhanced with the 30 day trial of Topaz Labs software that I’ve been experimenting with.


People who like to draw and paint could have a field day by doing some of these affects to their photos.
Why would anyone build right up to a creek?  All of the north side of Manitou Avenue is like this and these are the shops that were flooded more than once last year.
A few of the shops have a bridge across the creek and I imagine that was the case here at one time.
Following is a picture of our front porch during one of the hard rains last year that caused flooding down the hill.


Topaz Labs creative affects applied.