One Step Forward And One Step Backward

This decision whether to sell or rent our house or not do anything and have Steve try and get a leave of absence is the hardest I have ever had to make and be able to stick to.  I go back and forth – back and forth.

Whether we sell, rent, or stay makes a huge difference on what to do with our stuff.  And there are so many possibilities of what to do with every item.  Because we are going on the cruise and then possibly straight into the RV, we have more deciding factors:

  • Trash
  • Goodwill
  • Storage (what to store depends on renting or selling house)
  • Sell (garage sale pile and Craigslist for big things)
  • Goes in RV
  • Take on S. Pacific trip
  • Separate packing for daughter (in case the boat sinks)
  • Give to nieces
  • Leave in extra bedroom at mother’s house

Changing my mind up to 3 times a day doesn’t help either.  For instance, the very first thing I did after packing a box for my daughter was to take some glasses off of a top shelf in the kitchen to clean up for a niece.  So I cleaned these glasses and set them on the counter to wrap up.  Oh, but now they look so pretty and how can I get rid of them (even though they have been used maybe once in 10 years)?


So then I realize these glasses and our family room view would make a good picture to experiment with some new trial photography software.  Playing around with these types of projects always takes my mind off of the “what to do” thoughts. (After sitting out for three days, the glasses are back on their shelf).

This past weekend I boxed up all our Europe travel books and put them in my car to trade in at a used book store.  But this morning I received a travel update from some friends who are RVing in Europe and that got me to thinking. Do I really want to get rid of the books?  We really didn’t stay over there long enough in 2011. Okay, today it is on! We sell the house and keep the books. Tomorrow??

And Steve and I talk about how he does have a good job with great benefits and should show some loyalty to the company.  But all this past week Steve really does want to sell because under the new ownership of his company there has been higher production targets implemented and he is feeling the stress.  A little off topic but this morning I looked up the CEO’s salary and discovered he makes $7,281.91 more PER HOUR than Steve.  That fact sure helps with loyalty not being a factor.

On top of that, the South Pacific trip planning is not going to be cut and dry. Way too many choices.  The one decision that has been made is that we are also going to New Zealand.  But how long to stay in Australia and then New Zealand and how to get back to the U.S. is up in the air.  Both of us detest flying with a passion and we have figured out how to do this trip where we never get on a plane, period.  A few prices have to drop for that to happen though.  And I didn’t mention this before, but we have a second free cruise for two on the books.  The catch is that we have to book by June 26th and take the cruise before the end of January.  The one we are looking at (Hawaii) has a pretty big impact on how we do the South Pacific so we are under the gun to make some decisions.

All of these are dumb problems to have though. I could be living in Pakistan or Sudan or Syria or, or, or, or?

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