Villa Corona

Today we drove west 40 miles from Lake Chapala to the little town of Villa Corona where there is a mineral swimming pool complex and RV park called Chimulco.  Many RV’ers stay the whole winter here.  It’s the first place we’ve been that the water is potable so that’s a big plus.  And we get free use of a washer.   There are sites for about 50 RV’s among shade trees.  On one side there is a very large mountain ringed lake and on another side all the swimming pools which we are told are emptied and filled anew each night.  The weather is absolutely perfect and the elevation is 4400 feet or so.  After arriving, we walked about a mile to the center of the village and had lunch at a little restaurant, then bought desserts and coffee slush at a bakery type shop.  Ron came along in his motor home also and planned to stay 3 days.  After he saw how nice it was here he decided to stay 4 days.  A neighboring RV’er is going to start BBQing tonight for a new years party tomorrow night by the pools.  So far 70 are signed up to go.  The Canadian RV’ers next to us having been coming to Mexico for 16 winters now and told us the Quebec invasion will start on the Pacific coast the end of January and then it will be hard to get a campsite.  
Here’s a few pictures of where we are now. The first picture is of the RV across from us with the lake behind it.  You can see how homey people make their patio areas.  It’s now night time and that same RV is all lit up for Christmas. 
IMG_1207   IMG_1195
Just one of the many pools
The grounds are very park-like
Children’s pool