Mazatlan’s Colonial District

This area of the city is known for it’s European architecture and historical landmarks but over the years had fallen into decay.  The government and private committees have been working to restore the monuments and buildings and the results so far are impressive.  People are buying and fixing up the houses but there are still many that are waiting to be renovated.  Unseen from the street but behind the gates and doors are beautiful courtyards and gardens.  I have made a video of some of the pictures.  You will see houses that are a mess to say the least but these might be right next door to a house that’s been restored. The house that has the red flowers coming out the windows has no interior at all and it just happens to have a big flowering red bush growing inside that spills out these windows. 
The pictures towards the end are of the Angela Peralta Theatre which was built in 1870 as an opera house.  Angela Peralta was considered to be the Mexican Nightingale but died of Yellow Fever right before she was to sing in the opera house for the first time.  There is a nice little art museum inside the theatre complex.
Oh, and here is the answer to last week’s contradiction in the video I made.  The video was of Mayan ruins, The background song I selected was called Montezuma……………. an Aztec.