Our New Addition


We have been looking in a several state area from Arizona to Utah, to Kansas and even Nebraska for the perfect Tracker with low mileage that has been well maintained.  I’ve searched on www.autotrader.com, www.carguru,com, and www.craigslist.com daily for over a month.  We’ve test driven 5 cars and even brought one down from Denver to have checked by a mechanic that didn’t pass muster. So guess where we found this Tracker with the lowest mileage (36,400) of all, that’s been always garaged, and was for sale by owner?  Our hometown, Manitou Springs (population about 5500)!   We saw this one on Craigslist while we were still in Mexico and really didn’t think it would still be for sale by the time we got back.  She drives like a brand new car and has all the options since it’s the LT model.

What is so great about these Trackers (2004 was the last year they were made) is that they are 4WD and light enough for our motorhome to tow.  It was a huge stroke of luck finding this beautiful little car in such perfect condition.