Meet Mitzi

Molly was 16 when she died last year. She was a wonderful dog and we believed she could never be replaced but time and life go on. I have a friend who regularly sent me pictures of rescue dogs needing a home and I resisted for quite a while.

In August, we were driving back from Colorado when she sent another picture and I agreed to see the dog when we got back to San Carlos. It was a pure white male dog located in Empalme that looked like a Maltese. The local rescue lady was going to pick him up later in the week and bring him to San Carlos.

In the meantime, Bliss wanted me to see this smaller and sickly female. Susan and I met her and Bliss convinced me to take her home for two days until I could see the other dog. She came from a private shelter in Empalme owned by a lady named Matty Parra who rescues dogs. She currently has 160 to feed and relies 100% on donations. What an angel.

She is perfect.