Today’s Assignment


Grazing land?

In yesterday’s Blogging 101 assignment we were to leave a comment on at least four other blogs that we had never commented on before.  Now if I had known in advance that today’s assignment would be to write a blog post relating to one of those comments I might have set myself up for something fun to write about.  On the other hand, the subject matter of the blog post I linked to below is very dear to me mainly because of the animals that suffer, our health, and the damage to the environment.

A 19 year old Austrian student named Fabien has a blog called “Things To Think About” and wrote a post called Memoires of a Cow. I urge you to read this because it is so well written and so moving, but also with a word of caution; you might cry and you might never eat meat again.

I left a comment, the only comment this particular post has had.  Perhaps you can add your own to his blog as it is fairly new and I doubt that it is widely read at this point.

My husband and I eat a plant based diet at least 95% of the time. On Christmas Eve we fell off the wagon and had a bit of ham but after reading Fabien’s post we won’t fall off the wagon again.


These cows in Bavaria want to live like this forever