Poor Dog

Today a dog followed my mom and me back to the RV park from the market for no reason other than the fact that I spoke nicely to it.  It was pathetically thin and mangy.  The RV neighbor next to us saw it and gave it some fish and then I fed it some bread and broth and gave it water. 

Now 1/2 hour later, Brian, the owner of this RV park came over and chastised me for feeding it and asked what I was going to do about the dog now because it probably wouldn’t leave.  The dog never set foot inside the RV park, instead staying just outside the wall.

Then a nearby neighbor came over and they were all pissed because of this dog out there and saying they should shoot the SOB.  A few minutes later they killed it by hitting it over the head with a shovel.  It wasn’t a painless death.

I wished I had not paid for one month in advance because I would leave today.  The name of this RV park is Little Rig RV Park.


  1. OMG that's awful! What's wrong with people – they should be hit with a shovel! I'm so sorry for you – at least the dog is dead, but you'll always remember this terrible event.

    My understanding is that people in Mexico don't care for or love dogs the way we do. But if that happened when I was there, I'd go to every website that lists this RV park and post just what you said in your blog post.

    We can only hope that Karma visits them appropriately for this terrible deed. My experience is that it usually does, and they will pay for this in some way in the future.


  2. You are right, they really don't care for dogs much here. But Mexicans usually just ignore stray dogs or if they get close they push them away and shout vamoose (or however you spell it). The owner of this park that killed the dog is Canadian. And so is his neighbor that wanted to shoot it.

    I plan to do just what you recommended on websites once we have left the park. And on top of it all, their prissy cat pee'd on my rug outside.

    Steve will wait to apply for unemployment when we get home. I'm pretty sure he can't draw it while laying on the beach 🙂


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