Rincon de Guayabitos

Rincon and La Penita actually run together but they are so different.  Rincon is a tourist town full of hotels and restaurants and tourist gift shops and from what we hear it pretty much closes up after Easter.  It’s also a big vacation destination for the Mexicans from Guadalajara over Christmas and Easter.  Right now the beaches are mobbed and hotels are all booked and there are tour busses parked as far as you can see. 

Beach view from Villas Eldorado


Rincon has about 7 RV parks but there is one that is co-located with a hotel known for being extraordinarily nice and also difficult to get into because it is usually full, has 6 sites, and can only take shorter RV’s like ours.  And any day now there will be many more motorhomes arriving in this area.  Therefore if this RV park passed muster I wanted to get a spot reserved.

Villas El Dorado pool with the ocean beyond

Here’s the pool and the ocean right behind it

Villas El Dorado

The small hotel with beautiful landscaping.  The RV sites are on the left with greenery between each spot.  If you go online and look for hotel rooms on the beach in Rincon it is hard to find anything for less than $100 a night.  This hotel has rooms with a kitchen, wifi, and cable TV for $50 a night.  Maybe you could bribe me for the name?

RV site at Villas El Dorado

And here is the lucky site that is going to park Tulip on January 14th. 

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