Poor Dog–Update #1

I received emails from a few friends and they all assumed it was a Mexican that killed the dog.  The man and his neighbor are Canadian.    Here’s the other kicker:  The RV park owner and his wife are active in the local rescue group for dogs and cats.  There are volunteer spay clinics here in the Jaltemba Bay area every year.  This RV park has volunteered their property at least once that I know of to host a clinic.  They also donate money. The wife goes to local Mexican schools to educate children on caring for animals compassionately and getting them spayed.  So that makes this tragedy all the more tragic.

Another friend advised that I should contact the rescue group for advice which I did.  I didn’t name names but just asked what should be done with animals like these and that maybe they could publish something in the local newsletter on what alternatives people have when encountering a sick and mangy dog.

Here is the response I received:

Hello Eve…we treat dogs with mange ALL the time successfully!!!! What trailer part are you at?? How horrible!  There is absolutely NO need to kill dogs with mange.  The type of mange (there are 3 different kinds) our dogs have here does not seem to be contagious.  I have fostered many of them in my home with my other dogs and no problem.  All we do is give the dog doxycylina which is a type of penicillin readily available at Dr. Aldo Barba.  His phone number is(045) 322 148 9999 and his address is Vasco de Gama #20 in La Penita.  Turn right at the middle light on the highway in La Penita and go almost one block.  His clinic is on the left.  The medication can even be put onto my bill for street or homeless animals.  THERE IS NO REASON TO BE KILLING DOGS for mange.  Tell him Linda sent you.

I wrote back and gave Linda the perpetrators name and asked her to wait until January 14th to talk to the perp and to talk to the neighbor also if possible.  I also asked her to write me after that and hopefully she can relay an assurance that these people won’t do this again.

Linda’s email was copy furnished to at least six other people.  I’m sure all the Canadians and Americans living here know each other well.  It doesn’t make me feel good to know that I’ve probably ruined some reputations.

One comment

  1. Thanks for doing the right thing Evelyn. Dogs and other mammals should not be killed as routinely as swatting mosquitos. Glad you've informed the rescue group just what kind of guy they've been dealing with. Perhaps they can better educate him and others in the future to end that kind of cruelty.


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