Car Shopping


Last week we drove north to Denver to look at a car that we can tow with our motor home and then we drove to Boulder to see another similar one.  Neither car is out of the question but neither “feels” exactly right.  What a day that was!  It took us 4 hours to drive 90 miles back home because of a multiple car accident on the highway out of Boulder, then our car overheated and we had to stop for an hour, and subsequently it took almost 2 hours to get through Denver’s rush hour traffic.  We normally avoid Denver like the plague but sometimes there is no choice.

There is another car that sounds perfect located 600 miles away that we could have seen in conjunction with some camping and sightseeing in the beautiful national parks of southern Utah.  However, for various reasons that vehicle is a no deal at this time – maybe later.  To get the perfect car we are willing to drive many miles so maybe something else will pop up before Steve goes back to work in May.

And now – one month after being in Algodones with the inexpensive dental care – I have a major toothache.  I am positive it calls for a root canal and crown.  I called a dentist here and the cost would be between $1600-$2200!  Or $150-$350 to pull it which I’m not keen on.  It’s almost worth it to drive back to Mexico and pay approximately $300 for a root canal and crown.  2200 miles divided by 19 miles per gallon times $4 a gallon equals $463 in fuel.  No buffets this time and free overnight camping at the casinos equals a minimum of $1163 in savings.