Lazy Days

It’s so nice and cool in the RV park that we haven’t done much in the way of sightseeing.  Our view of the mountains, palm trees, and tropical vegetation is just fine sitting here on the patio. We took the bus (6.5 peso’s each) downtown and walked the length of the malecon and had lunch.  And we found an Italian ice cream parlor that had hazelnut ice cream, which I have always looked for obsessively.  Delicious. 
 There are interesting sculptures all along the Malecon
One thing that’s not in short supply in Puerto Vallarta are time share salesmen but they have gone incognito.  One was the clerk in a tee shirt store.  Another was a clerk in the Megamart that helped us find a hose sprayer in the hardware department.  Then there are the ones selling boat trips and tours for a bargain price…..but there’s a catch.  
We are walking distance to two big supermarkets and have been stocking up for when there are no supermarkets again in the small towns.  Megamart is my favorite supermarket and so far they seem to be located in cities where there is a large gringo/wealthier clientele.  You can buy desserts imported from Italy, wonderful meats and cheeses, soap from France, great breads, and so on.  I would almost move to Mexico just for the yogurt.  Same name brands as in US but totally different yogurt and flavors.  
This afternoon, an SUV with trailer from Minnesota parked next to us temporarily while waiting for someone to come back and move a motor home blocking the spot they are moving into.  We have been told the managers record keeping here is not very good.  Well, she rented them the site we were supposed to move into on Tuesday out from under us.  The park will be totally full when the second caravan of 22 Quebec RV’s arrive Tuesday, so it looks like we will be moving on.  Next year, if we come back, we’ll know to visit the coast in December and go inland after that.  The caravans come down in January and no one seems to like them much.
It just started raining pretty hard.  Sounds so nice on the roof and awnings.