We’re In Puerto Vallarta

The 120 mile drive from Melaque to Puerto Vallarta took five hours and was very pretty.  The topography changed quite a bit in those few miles with the last 25 miles or so being the prettiest in my opinion.  There’s a high mountain range to cross just before getting to Puerto Vallarta and in the highest area there were pine trees and a 15 degree drop in temperature.  The south side of Puerto Vallarta has some spectacular homes, hotels, and views overlooking the most beautiful shade of blue green ocean. 
Initially we planned to go to a very large RV park on the north side of town but noticed we would be passing only 3 blocks from a smaller one near the center of town. We stopped here to have a look and immediately decided that this was the place.  It’s like being in a park and is walking distance to so much.  Every Canadian neighbor informed us that two Quebec caravans would be arriving this week and next week and the park would then be full.  The first caravan arrived today and it was a sight to see.  Their motor homes are the largest of the large but they all managed to park somehow even though the sites are not very big.  Here is a picture of one of the behemoths and I didn’t doctor this photo to make it look bigger either:
Here’s us:
When we first set out on this trip, I was looking forward to sitting outside under our awning, eating our meals, and reading.  Easier said than done.  It’s either been rainy, too cold, too windy, too buggy, or too hot.  None of this is the case here.  A few biters come out in the evening but it’s manageable.  So this afternoon I talked to the manager and asked if there wasn’t just one spot that we could stay in after next week.  And there is just one.  If we still like it here, we will be moving to that site next Tuesday to stay through February (just in case anyone wants to come down and visit).  We’ve been told that for the most part, the campgrounds going north are on the ocean.  I’ll take traffic noise any day over the 24/7 pounding, RV shaking, surf.  However, we have heard from many people that this year is unusual with waves and rough ocean all along the coast.