Last Days In Oregon

Two and a half months in Oregon was not long enough. It was starting to feel like home but there were so many nice places that we couldn’t choose a favorite. I didn’t take many pictures while there and I know you all would rather see pictures more than anything. Sorry about that but I needed a vacation from the camera.

We sure enjoyed our month in Brookings and the many visits with friends Janet and Leeds. Janet is a great cook and we traded cooking back and forth quite a few times. Their house is up for sale and they might move back to Colorado.  I hope so because Janet and I have a great connection.

Lincoln City

We helped our friend Joy by finding some contractors to work on her rental house in Lincoln City so that it could be made ready to sell. Joy took care of Molly Dog while we galavanted around the S. Pacific this past fall.

Tide pool at Lincoln Beach State Park, Oregon

Yaquina Bay Bridge, Newport Oregon

We visited the Yaquina Lighthouse two days ago near Newport on one of the few sunny days during our time on the coast.

Yaquina Lighthouse

Near Newport, Oregon

View from near Newport, Oregon

Yaquina Lighthouse

B&B Complex Fire burned 90,000 acres in 2003

B&B Complex fire destroyed over 90,000 acres near Sisters in 2003. We stayed at the county park in the very cute town of Sisters.

We crossed into Idaho this morning and are at the same RV park in Heyburn as on our way out to Oregon in April. It’s a great little city park for a fair price. They are a Good Sam park, of which we are members, which gets us a 10% discount. The Good Sam inspectors were here recently and told the managers they needed to raise their price, that they were the most inexpensive park in the book. Whose side is Good Sam on? We’ve seen RV parks rates practically double in the last 6 years to the point of being unaffordable for many people. That’s my rant for the day.

And today we unknowingly crossed paths with my long time friends Dixon and Judy. They were at Shoshone Falls about 30 miles from here just two hours before we arrived in Heyburn. We probably passed on the interstate as they headed home to California after driving to the east to see their new grand baby. What a shame we didn’t get to see them. Dixon was responsible, in a round about way, for my wonderful job in Germany years ago.

I am dreading going back to Colorado after feeling so good in Oregon. My Colorado doctor ordered an overnight oxygen test while we were in Brookings and I passed with flying colors.  The overnight test I had in Colorado last year was 5.7 points lower, low enough that I should be on oxygen.  I know we would not be traveling so much if I felt good at home but as soon as we are back in Colorado, all I can think about is being at sea level with moist air to breathe.