Charleston, S. Carolina

Today we tackled downtown Charleston.  There are signs for the visitors center but we missed one and ended up turning down Montagu Street.  Some of the homes on this street were not mansions, they were palatial.  I would have liked to find a parking spot and walk in this neighborhood.  Driving in Charleston is not too easy for a motor home because the streets are narrow and many of them have overhanging oak branches.  But we found our way to the visitors center and a parking garage one block away that had spaces just for RV’s. 

Charleston has many tours available and even bicycle driven little carts to take tourists around.  But we wanted to walk so we had a lady in the visitors center mark a route for us on the map.  It was 1.3 miles down Meeting Street to The Battery on the waterfront and the White Point Gardens.  Then we walked along The Battery to the Waterfront Park.  It’s a great walk with mansions and a park along one side and the waterfront on the other.  Our marked map then had us go to the City Market, over to King Street and back to “our home”.  We stopped for lunch and sat for a while in one of the parks.  



                                                     Water Front Park


                    Walking along The Battery on East Bay Street


Market Street Sweets has maple pecan praline fudge (first on the right) that is so freshly made it’s still warm.  It is so good it’s unbelievable and reason enough to come back to Charleston someday.  There’s much more to see but we are short on time.


                            Cobblestone side street leading to the water


                            There are several pretty fountains along the waterfront

Tomorrow we leave for Savannah and I need to research RV parks.  We have been in such a nice park in Charleston that it is hard to leave.  The Oak Plantation Campground claims to be the closest to downtown.  I think it was about 8 miles to downtown and only about 5 to the Magnolia Plantation yesterday.  This park is on the Savannah highway and is very convenient but also totally quiet.  The grounds are huge and the sites set so far back from the highway that we don’t hear a thing.  The sites are shaded and very spacious and there’s even a lake.  The park is spic and span clean too.  Very reasonable compared to the KOA’s here that want $45+.

Magnolia Plantation & Gardens


is in Charleston, South Carolina and is one of the oldest plantations in the south having been established in 1676.  The Drayton family has owned the plantation continuously for 11 generations until the present day.  Parts of the gardens are 325 years old, making it the oldest public garden in America.  It is so large that there are over 14 miles of pathways and 500 acres of grounds and gardens.  Some people consider the gardens to be the finest in the world.  It’s easily the most magnificent I have ever seen.  There must be several thousand blooming camellia trees – all so beautiful. 









This is actually the 3rd plantation house built and parts of it were added just recently.  We paid to take the tour but we have seen the inside of so many old mansions in the US that they all are starting to look the same.  Photographing the inside wasn’t allowed.